About Arinui

Arinui translates into 'of high clarity' and is a school-wide appraisal system that is based in New Zealand. It allows teachers to critically reflect on their teaching practice in a safe, secure online space. Once compiled and explained, evidence can be seamlessly shared with the appraiser, who then evaluates and returns it, hassle-free.

Why have we developed Arinui?

Evaluation Associates were constantly hearing frustrations from teachers and leaders about their appraisal systems. Teachers were often overwhelmed with piles of evidence and unsure on how to proceed with their appraisals. We decided that there had to be a better way – and so Arinui was born.

Good appraisal starts with tracking and evaluating our impacts on students and asking ourselves what worked and what didn't. Evaluation is at the heart of effective practice and is what teachers easily achieve with Arinui.

We also believe that a robust 'teaching as inquiry' ideology is key to a good appraisal system. Good appraisal is not about compliance but instead is the result of continuous evaluation and self-improvement. Arinui supports teachers to improve rather than just prove.

Teachers go a long way to meeting most of their practising teacher criteria simply by undertaking these steps of evaluating their impact and undertaking robust inquiry. Arinui lets you take this and supplement it with notes and others' feedback, personal goal tracking, evidence of practice (such as video clips and student work) and professional development learning and allows you to organise it in a clear and structured way, ticking off the PTCs as you go.

Arinui is here to make a real change to teacher appraisal.

How is Arinui different?

Arinui is unique as it provides an online, systematic approach to teacher and school-wide appraisal. Teachers can work continuously at their own pace, critically reflecting on and evaluating their evidence to improve their teaching practice. Tātaiako is woven through the tool.

Once complied and explained, evidence can then be shared easily with an appraiser. The enhanced communication means they will be able to easily understand the significance of the evidence, allowing for quick and easy feedback. They will also have the confidence to know that audit requirements are being met.

Arinui makes a real difference to your student's learning and results in improved, competent and registered teachers.

Success Statements

"The software is great but what I really like is that it gets me to think at a much deeper level about my inquiry. That's probably one of my favourite parts."

Danielle Myburgh, Learning Community Leader at Hobsonville Point Secodary School

"Our process has really changed [due to Arinui] and its gone from a tick-check... to more of a teacher-led process where there is so much in it for the teacher, a lot more professional gain."

Bronwyn, Meadowbank Primary School

Our Partners

Arinui is a collaboration between Evaluation Associates, a leading professional learning consultancy company, and The Tarn Group, a bespoke digital solutions provider.

Evaluation Associates frequently heard that teachers and leaders were often overwhelmed with piles of evidence and unsure on how to proceed with their appraisals.

Arinui - supporting teachers to improve not just prove.