Arinui translates into 'of high clarity'
About Us

Arinui is a collaboration between Evaluation Associates, a leading professional learning consultancy company, and The Tarn Group, a bespoke digital solutions provider.

Evaluation Associates

Evaluation Associates saw the high need for better appraisal systems and so Arinui was created

Evaluation Associates is an independent consultancy company.

They have provided high quality professional learning and development to schools for the last 10 years. Their focus is always on improving school leader and teacher practice in ways that have a demonstrable impact on student achievement. 

The company is directed by Michael Absolum, who is recognised for his contribution to the assessment community in New Zealand and to the literature on quality teaching and learning. 

Our consultants are all educational professionals and well respected across the sector for their knowledge and skills, and for the results they help schools achieve.

The Tarn Group

The Tarn Group is a bespoke digital solutions provider who have worked with Evaluation Associates to create Arinui

Since its inception, The Tarn Group has concentrated on adventure, both in a physical and mental sense of the word.

For 20 years, this Dunedin-based company has been creating solutions that enhance the relationship between subject-matter experts and learners in engaging digital environments. Our technology has proven to be a dynamic learning tool that ultimately leads to a greater understanding for teacher and student, coach and athlete, clinician and patient.

The Tarn Group operates more than 15 websites for external customers and develops and maintains bespoke digital solutions for many major organisations.